We are the first stationery supply company in South Africa to specialise in eco-friendly stationery. Learn more about what you can do for the planet through recycle, reuse, reduce and respect.


We're the leading supplier of eco-friendly stationery in South Africa

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  • Get Involved

    Now is the time to get involved in South Africa - the green tide from America and Europe is on the way. Decide to be amongst the innovators or to be another "me too" company.

  • Quality & Safety

    Our products undergo a series of quality & safety tests according to Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations, including tests for lead & other heavy metals, so our stationery is safe for your health & the environment.

  • Cost Efficient

    Without increasing your costs. Our product range has been carefully selected to help you replace current, often environmentally unfriendly, stationery items at about the same levels of price.